“Miru” at Anime Expo 2023

July 31, 2023

To showcase “Miru”, a large exhibit, booth, and panel discussion was held at "Anime Expo 2023," one of the largest anime events in North America! The event was held in Los Angeles from Saturday, July 1st to Tuesday, July 4th.

With the key visual of the anime on display along with a massive robot statue, the “Miru” booth attracted a lot of attention.

The captivating statue and booth drew the attention of countless visitors

Miru Lobby Activation

Located near the entrance to the South Hall Lobby, the “Miru” booth was in a spectacular location. Many people came by the booth, fascinated by the impressive robot statue that towered over the crowd. Visitors expressed particular interest in the different equipment of each arm, and many were curious to see how the robot would actually move in the finished anime.

A concept video, which was shown for the first time at Anime Expo 2023, was continually played on the screen. With spectacular visuals and sounds, the video attracted a lot of attention, and many people were seen taking videos of the monitors.

We asked visitors what they thought of the booth, here's what they had to say:

  • I was fascinated by the statue's structure and joints. I can't wait to see how they will be shown in the anime.
  • I love the design of the different equipment at the end of the statue's arms!
  • The design of the booth and the statue as a whole is impressive!
  • The robot statue is smooth and looks different from the robots we usually see. It almost feels like a human wearing a power suit.
  • The concept video is very cool. I thought it was cool that it left room for the viewer to imagine what is going to happen in the anime.

At the booth, we distributed fans, flyers, and pin badges featuring the key visual of “Miru”. The giveaways were so well received that all of them we had prepared ran out during the four days of Anime Expo 2023.

Miru Swags
Fans and flyers that were distributed

The Panel Discussion

Panelists shared exclusive details about the production of the anime, while a live drawing took attendees on a journey into the artistry of the project.

The panel session held on Monday, July 3rd (PST) drew a crowd of over 200 curious anime fans! Inside the room there was a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

Panel Session

Yanmar CBO, Dezi Akihiro Nagaya, and btrax CEO, Brandon Hill spoke about their collaborative project “Miru” during the panel discussion. While the two discussed the original anime project, YKBX (the key visual art director, illustrator, character designer and concept video director) conducted a live drawing demonstration.

Miru pannel session

During the discussion, the motivations behind the project, thoughts on the production of the animation, and the secret story behind the creation of the robot design, which was drafted by the Design Office of the Brand Department of Yanmar Holdings Co.

Live drawing by YKBX
Live drawing by YKBX

In the live drawing session, visitors were able to see the illustrations gradually being completed on a screen set up in the front of the room.

Recap Video of “Miru” at Anime Expo 2023

We think conveying the Anime Expo 2023 exhibit in writing is difficult. Therefore, we have compiled a video of the event into one video! We hope you will experience the excitement of one of the largest anime events in North America through this video.

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